LIT, founded by George Arnett in Brooklyn, NY in late 2015, is a literary community for Black and queer people. The evolving project aims to create spaces for marginalized people to fellowship and network, produce and feature the words of Blackfolks/queerfolks/women, and curate spaces in which the history of queer narratives can be preserved.

The Grapevine TV Episode 32

Homosexuality – Tolerance vs acceptance

Panelists discussed LGBTQ presence in media as well as the overall acceptance our queer people and narratives within society. 


The Grapevine TV Episode 33

The N Word

Panelists discussed whether the N word has a place within the Black vernacular and whether reclaiming the word is possible or the nature of the word always being problematic.


The Grapevine Episode 38

Biracial Blackness

Panelists discussed Jesse Williams and colorism, biracial identity within the scope of Blackness, and beauty standards within Black communities based on skin color.

mic.jpg Feature

George, along with fourteen other Black men, shared his views on what it means to be a free Black man, citing the rise of Frank Ocean's queerness and the rape controversy clouding Nate Parker's career on the eve of the release of The Birth of a Nation.